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Rookies are always an exciting unknown in fantasy football. They can be the key to victories but sometimes also bring disappointment. Either way, we always have high hopes for them.

The 2023 NFL dynasty rookie rankings for PPR dynasty leagues aim to assess the potential value of players in the near term. Use it as a reference to give your rookie season the best start. Let’s explore the names on the list with Scott Fujita!

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NFL Dynasty Rookie Rankings 2023: Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings For Dynasty Leagues

This section will evaluate you for potential names in the top 10 rookie dynasty rankings.

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#1. Najee Harris 

  • Position: RB1.
  • Team: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Najee Harris has potential, and no one can deny it. This guy bears many similarities with the former Steelers star Le’Veon Bell.

One of the most apparent similarities is body measurements. Harris has a standard height of 2 feet 3 and a steady weight of about 230 pounds. Good vision, quick feet, and talent help this running back guy shine on the pitch.

Najee Harris’ importance in the future Steelers is comparable to that of his senior. He can dominate the PPR tournament by bringing the ball down the touchline early and catching the pass on the third drop.

The imaginary managers expect Harris to deliver a large amount of chase in the passing game and ground attack.

#2. Ja’Marr Chase 

  • Position: WR1.
  • Team: Cincinnati Bengals.

Perhaps there will not be a case in these dynasty football rookie rankings like Ja’Marr Chase. He gets the attention of many imaginary investors when selecting players for their rookie draft.

The position of wide receivers plays a vital role in the match. It makes Chase’s ranking on this list stronger than ever. This wide receiver is a four-star and Biletnikoff Award-winning player.

His body parameters are also on a different level, with 6 feet and 200 pounds. At 19, Chase scored 84 slides and touched the ball 20 times. He’s fifth overall in the draft lineup—too many things to say.

In the Bengals, Chase reunites with his college friend, Joe Burrow. The couple promises to bring many explosions.

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These potent rookies may surpass their opponents on the depth chart 

#3. Kyle Pitts

  • Position: TE1
  • Team: Atlanta Falcons.

Pitts broke all stereotypes about tight ends when appearing in this dynasty league season. That guy has a rushing production that can wipe out every match he participates in.

Possessing a rare combination of extreme athleticism and archetypal measurements, Kyle Pitts waits to break one or more records. The excellent route-running ability is also one of the bright spots of this tight end.

In addition to Calvin Ridley, Pitts should be the number 2 choice in passing play because he is more of a receiver than a tight end.

#4. Javonte Williams

  • Position: RB2.
  • Team: Denver Broncos.

Even at the NFL level, hardly any player can be a potential power runner like Javonte Williams. With 157 runs, he raced 1,140 yards. The average is 7.3 yards per carrying. Too impressive for a rookie.

Williams may not have had much chance to shine throughout the entire season as she has to share the backyard with Melvin Gordon. Even so, experts still expect him to surpass Gordon in the depth chart easily.

Dynasty is a format that spans many years. Making a few games worth years of potential RB2 increase will give you a headache.

#5. DeVonta Smith 

  • Position: WR2.
  • Team: Philadelphia Eagles.

DeVonta Smith is working hard to get higher on the dynasty rookie mock draft list this time. Please don’t rush to ignore him, considering his low body weight as well as being a senior. This wide receiver’s strength lies in its subtle yet explosive skill set and outstanding university competence.

This guy’s skill set is also very stable. In 2020, the Heisman winner made his mark with 23 touchdowns. The Eagles will create conditions for him to develop more in the future. Let’s wait and see.

#6. Travis Etienne

  • Position: RB3.
  • Team: Jacksonville Jaguars.

Etienne’s great performances ensure that he gets the starting job he deserves. With 70 rush touches and 686 dashes for a total of 4,952 yards. We recommend you consider this guy for your preseason action.

Another interesting fact about Etienne is that he has scored in 46 of 55 games throughout his career. It makes this player an NCAA FBS record holder.

Fans are looking forward to a reunion between Etienne and the no.1 slot receiver – Trevor Lawrence. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a while because of end-of-season severe injuries.

#7. Jaylen Waddle

  • Position: WR3.
  • Team: Miami Dolphins.

Waddle’s small size allows this wide receiver to master dynamic, fast-moving gameplay. He is capable of confusing opponents and tacks down some fantasy points during the match.

Despite some bad news with his college performance as well as his ankle injury that kept Waddle out for much of the 2020 season, the Dolphins still believe he will bring changes to their play.

Hopefully, Waddle’s second senior season will flourish, especially since he’s an excellent fit for starter Tua Tagovailoa’s playstyle.

#8. Rashod Bateman

  • Position: WR4.
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens.

Bateman is a route technician and possibly the readiest runner in this NFL rookie rankings. He has everything from speed and size to controversial catches. The only thing out of this guy’s reach is the volume.

The Ravens seem to have a quality offensive line. They build offense by running the ball, and if that fails, Lamar Jackson fixes them. They managed to make the fewest passes last season (406), the lowest total since the Seahawks back in 2012 (405). Unless the Ravens completely rewrite their game plan, Bateman is only worth the flexibility in 2023.

#9. Elijah Moore

  • Position: WR5.
  • Team: New York Jets.

Although the number of matches that Moore participated in in the 2020 season was not many (eight games), he still left a deep impression. This guy leads FBS in terms of catches and yards per game. We haven’t even mentioned 14 carries with 64 yards. Moore’s average of 157.1 footage per game ranks no. 1 for any Power Five receiver in the last two decades.

This wide receiver plays the ball like it’s dancing. His fitness is a limitation. The utility nature of Moore’s game may not be on display enough to be of fantasy relevance. But all of that can’t stop him from entering the dynasty football rookie rankings 2023.

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Draft powerful rookies early down is a good strategy 

#10. Trevor Lawrence

  • Position: QB1.
  • Team: Jacksonville Jaguars.

It will be remiss if we omit Lawrence from this list of dynasty fantasy football rookie rankings. Many have high hopes for this quarterback with a skillful combination of standard bodybuilding and rare playing talent.

He relies heavily on his arm when playing. This factor will block Lawrence’s path to becoming a genuinely threatening dual midfielder. In return, this guy’s strength lies in the read-option run game.

In addition, we still have a list of fantasy potentials that you can learn more about to come up with a dream lineup. They include:

  • Trey Sermon – RB.
  • Zach Wilson – QB.
  • Mac Jones – QB.
  • Rhamondre Stevenson – RB.
  • Terrace Marshall Jr. – WR.
  • Chuba Hubbard – RB.
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown – WR.
  • Kadarius Toney – WR.
  • Dyami Brown – WR.
  • Seth Williams – WR.

Final Thoughts

Arranging 2023 dynasty rookie rankings is not easy. Depending on each tactic as well as strategy, individuals will have different choices.

It is crucial for you to remember that the dynasty season will last for several years. Consider your options with the future and foresight rather than just looking at the results of the first few games. 

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