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The 11 NBA Teams Without a Championship

Winning the NBA championship is the goal of any NBA team. Many teams have won more than five times, such as the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and more. However, many NBA teams haven’t won a championship. Here are 11 NBA teams without a Championship. Let’s find out with Scott Fujita through this article. Top […]

Who Is The Shortest NBA Player Right Now?

Height has always been one of the determining factors of a successful basketball player. Or, not really. Most basketball legends are extremely tall that allows them to do the unthinkable. However, it is not without exception. There are still NBA players who are short but their gameplay is amazing. Let’s learn more about the shortest […]

How Many Championship Rings Does Steve Kerr Have?

Steve Kerr competed for fifteen years as a professional NBA player. During his playing career, Kerr played for seven different franchises. After retiring, Kerr tried his hand at being a coach and proved his ability many times. Kerr became the famous head coach of the Golden State Warriors. So, How Many Championship Rings Does Steve […]

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk? The Truth Revealed

Slam dunk is one of the iconic acts of basketball. However, we often assume that only people with ideal height can dunk. Considering the average height of NBA players is 6’7″, there is a basis for this comment. But height is not the only factor. For people of average height, is there any hope for […]

Three World Records for the Highest Vertical Jump Ever

Jumping seems like a simple act. For professional athletes, jumping is a complex process that requires many different techniques. They always try to take advantage of every element to add a few inches to their jump. In this article, let’s join Scott Fujita to learn about three world records for the highest vertical jump ever.  […]

Who Has the Most NBA Rings?

Who has the most rings in the NBA? The history of the NBA has seen many legendary players. They are people who have achieved many outstanding achievements in their playing careers. In the following article, let’s learn about players who own the most NBA championship rings with Scott Fujita. Who Has the Most NBA Rings? […]

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