Who Is The Oldest Football Player Ever In NFL History?

Football is a sport with a particular age barrier. As you get older, your body becomes inflexible enough to follow the opponent. However, this metric is not the norm for everyone. There are still players who, despite their age, run and give their best on the gridiron. So, who is the oldest NFL football player […]

Jim Brown: Pro Football Hall Of Fame

If you are an NFL fan, you may know Jim Brown was a talented advisor whose primary responsibility for the Cleveland Browns was to run with the football. Today, we write this piece to honor Jim Brown and give those who want to know more about this talented man. Brown is not only the best […]

Who Is Ricky Bell Football Player? His Leagues Statistics & History

Ricky Bell was an American pro football player who played running back for the National Football League’s Tampa Bay San Diego and Buccaneers Chargers. He is a talented player, but he didn’t contribute to the football league for long. Let’s find out why with Scott Fujita! Timeline Ricky Bell Football Player Ricky Bell, how good […]

Richard Sherman: A Brief View Of NFL Career

Richard Sherman is a defensive back who currently plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League (NFL). He was selected to First-Team All-Pro three times and Pro-Bowl five times and led the 2003 tournament in interceptions. Sherman also helped the Seattle Seahawks win their first Super Bowl. With such achievements and parameters, […]

How Much Do Football Players Make A Year?

When the topic of how much do football players make arises, the answer is frequently more than $2 million per year. However, The averages are distorted by the astronomically high pay paid to big-name quarterbacks and other great players. This statistic does not reflect reality. Today, Scott Fujita will show you detailed information about this! […]

Is Killer Inside The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez?

On June 26, 2013, the country awoke to the image of a star player from one of the NFL’s model clubs being led out of his home by cops. Later that day, Aaron Hernandez, a tight end for the former New England Patriots, was charged with Odin Lloyd’s murder, whose corpse had been discovered six […]

Which NFL Teams Don’t Have Cheerleaders in 2023?

Cheerleaders are an integral part of football games. They are hot girls with vibrant dances in skimpy outfits that contribute to heating the arena atmosphere. However, not all NFL teams have NFL cheerleaders. So what are NFL teams without cheerleaders? There are seven football teams without NFL cheerleading squads: the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Chicago […]

Top 10 Best Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

NFL history has witnessed incredible touchdowns throughout the years. Fans had many loud laughs at the NFL players’ most significant celebrations at the end zone celebrations. Many of them have become signature celebrations when scoring a touchdown. There are countless ways for players to express their emotions. Creativity is endless. Let’s go through a few […]

Who Is The Oldest College Football Player? [2023 Updated]

Playing collegiate football in your late 30s is not uncommon in the NFL and has become increasingly prevalent, it is a rare occurrence. In this article, we will bring you the oldest college football player.  Alan Moore Tom Thompson Mike Flynt. Joe Thomas Sr. Bob Schembre. Tim Frisby. James Stefanou. Let’s discover more with Scott […]

How many acres is a football field: The answer & FAQs

Have you ever wondered how many acres is a football field including the end zones? Let’s find out with Scott Fujita in this article! How many acres is a football field? A standard American football field covers 1.32 acres. The standard dimensions for an American football field, including the end areas, are 360 feet long […]

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