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What is The Best Place to Buy NBA Jerseys Online?

Everyone knows how much jerseys impress fans around the world. However, jerseys are not only suitable and exclusive for NBA athletes.  Basketball fans also want to look like their idols. They feel immersed in the game when wearing the jerseys of their favorite player. However, many people don’t know the best place to get NBA […]

What Is A Triple Double In Basketball? Effective Tips To Do It

Many people have watched NBA basketball for many years. Therefore, it is possible to hear the term “triple-double” a lot. If not, do not worry, as it is easy to understand these two words. “Triple-double” is one of the most outstanding achievements that a player can get in one basketball game. Now, we are gradually […]

How Many Teams Are In The NBA? Playoffs And Regular Season

In 1946, the National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded and quickly became one of the largest sports organizations worldwide to date. The history of the NBA has gone through many ups and downs with sublime tournaments. NBA teams are an indispensable part, bringing excitement to fans when watching them. So, how many basketball teams are […]

Who Is The Tallest NBA Player? List Of Top 10 In The World

There is no need to be tall to win in the NBA, but height will help a lot.  As an NBA player, George Mikan has achieved four of the first five NBA Championships. He used to be the tallest player in NBA history who obtained 22 MVP awards. The reason for such success is simple. […]

How Many Basketball Team In California? 

There’s a fact you need to know: not all US states own a corresponding NBA franchise. Some states will have teams, and some states will have no teams at all. California is one of the largest and most developed states here. The potential of this place is huge. So, how many basketball teams does California […]

The 11 NBA Teams Without a Championship

Winning the NBA championship is the goal of any NBA team. Many teams have won more than five times, such as the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and more. However, many NBA teams haven’t won a championship. Here are 11 NBA teams without a Championship. Let’s find out with Scott Fujita through this article. Top […]

What Is Traveling in Basketball? All You Need To Know About & FAQs

Traveling in basketball seems like a basic concept. Nevertheless, many people have not yet got it. Are you one of them? You should not ignore this article.  Get this concept clear so you can put it into words when you’re trying to teach your 8-year-old son. So, what does traveling mean in basketball? Let’s find […]

All The Things You Should Know About Regulation Basketball Hoop Height

In basketball, there are rules about the ball, the size of the court, the backboard, or the size of the rim. In addition, there is the regulation height for basketball hoops. What is the standard height of a basketball hoop? Is it different for children and adults? Scott Fujita will help you buy yourself the […]

NBA Buyout Market 2023: All Things You Should Know About It

In addition to the dramatic matches on the court, the NBA trade deadline is also something that attracts the attention of fans. Some trades will change the fate of a team. So a lot of people pay attention to this issue every season.  But the turning point can still occur after the trade deadline, and […]

How Long Is a NBA Game? – Time of Basketball Games

Basketball is one of the hottest and most anticipated sports on the planet. However, newbies may not be sure about NBA game length. So, how long is a basketball game? An average NBA game time usually lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours. However, that is not an exact number for all leagues or associations. Scott […]

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