[Top Choices ] Best Youth Softball Gloves 2021 Reviewed in Detail

Softball, like baseball, is a sport that specializes in the use of hands. Therefore, you should equip your child with the best youth softball gloves to protect those tender hands. However, choosing the right product is not easy with so many choices. To help you choose the best gloves, Scott Fujita wrote this article.

Top Rate 10+ Best Youth Softball Gloves 2021 

1. Rawlings Shut Out Youth Softball Glove Series

Product highlights

The first choice on the list of the best gloves for youth softball in 2021 is Rawlings Shut Out Series. The wonderful feature that impressed us is the balance between the price and the value it brought.

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This softball glove is available in various webbing lengths and types to suit any position on the pitch. So you need to compare with your child and make the correct choice, it’s very convenient.

The material that Rawlings uses to create the Shut Out glove is full-grain leather. It is high quality and very durable leather. Not only that, the padding uses Zero Shock Palm technology to reduce the pressure of the ball.

Rawlings Shut Out Series Youth Softball Catchers Glove, 32.5 inch, Mod Pro H Web, Right Hand Throw
4 new from $64.49
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • High-quality material. 
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap.
  • Zero shock palm padding.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Wide variety of styles.


  • It takes a long break-in time.

Bottom line

When it comes to Rawlings, we often think of Rawlings Liberty Advanced. However, the company still has many quality youth softball gloves, which is the most obvious example.

With an elegant black and white color combination, this is the softball glove that’s right for your girls. Basket web design is very suitable for pitchers, while H-Web design will optimize catchers’ ability to catch the ball. If you are looking for a worthwhile softball glove, consider this option.

2. Franklin Sports Windmill Series Softball Glove

Product highlights

The best fastpitch softball gloves for every girl are Franklin Windmill, a well-balanced combination of quality and durability. It features an easily adjustable wrist grip, layered palm, and mesh design. All these glove features will ensure you can have a more comfortable playing experience.

Size 12′ is suitable for youth players from 10 years old and up. Whether your little girl is left- or right-handed, she can either use this fastpitch glove. A soft PU layer covering the palm will protect it. This glove is suitable for both in-pitch, infielder, or outfielder players.

Franklin Sports Softball Glove - Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove - Windmill Fastpitch Pro Series - Adult and Youth Fielding Glove - 12 Inch Right Hand Throw - Pink
3 new from $22.49
8 used from $15.82
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Custom fitting closure.
  • Ready to use.
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed players.
  • Flexible.
  • Palm lamination.


  • It is not durable when compared with genuine leather gloves.

Bottom line

The easily adjustable wrist strap is another big plus for the Franklin Sports Windmill Series. Although it only has two color options, these are the most appropriate for the age of the players. We think that’s also why these fastpitch gloves are so popular.

3. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves

Product highlights

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro series carries all the essential features of the best softball gloves. The technical mesh part of this glove will ensure durability and stability of the glove. It won’t take long for the break-in phase, thanks to the soft mesh. In addition, it will also help you open and close the glove more accessible to be ready for any ball.

The wristband is easily adjustable in width. Depending on the size of your hand, you can align the strap. So Pro Series fastpitch gloves are suitable for all ages and all hand sizes.

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Softball Glove - Fastpitch Pro - Adult and Youth Softball Mitt - Infield and Outfield - Left Handed Glove - Lime 13" Lefty (22441L)
4 new from $33.06
1 used from $72.99
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Lightweight mesh.
  • Better fit.
  • Deep pocket webbing design.
  • Palm padding shield.
  • Soft leather material.


  • Works best for beginners.

Bottom line

With three color options, you will have many different variations, and every color is very trendy. However, white and gold will not be suitable for intense matches because it is easy to get dirty. This glove is also available in a 12.5-inch size. This size is scarce in softball gloves.

4. Rawlings Youth Storm Fastpitch Softball Glove

Product highlights

Rawlings Storm is one of Rawlings’ cheap line of fastpitch softball gloves. However, its quality is quite good for the price. 

This version comes with a padded back panel for added comfort. In addition, the leather palm part with soft padding will reduce the impact of the softball when touching the gloves.

The velcro wrist closure fits all different hand sizes. Because the material Rawlings uses is soft leather, this glove is extremely easy to break in.

The Rawlings Storm Youth also comes with a net to secure shots. And the full leather pouch will break so that no ball will bounce off the basket. 

Deep pocket mouth and small finger holes make catching easier. The mesh back panel combined with neo-flex technology makes for a reasonably lightweight model.

Rawlings Youth Storm 12 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove Left Hand Throw Black Purple
1 used from $18.55
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Nice and soft texture.
  • Short break-in time.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Customizable.
  • Full-grain leather.


  • It can hardly last more than two seasons.

Bottom line

It is a fastpitch softball glove that is highly suitable for left-handed infield players. While there’s not a lot of color choices, that doesn’t stop us from liking it. Although ideal for all ages, this is among the best fastpitch softball gloves for kids.

5. Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth Softball Glove 

Product highlights

If you’re in search of an option similar to the Mizuno MVP Prime, consider Prospect Finch softball gloves. Famous footballer Jennie Finch inspires this glove, so if your little girl adores her, then this is a great gift.

Pigskin leather palm ensures the softness and durability of this glove. You can use it for several consecutive seasons. The back part with Air Mesh technology helps increase flexibility and ventilation for long-term use.

Mizuno GPP1155F3 Prospect Finch Series Youth Softball Gloves, 11.5", Left Hand
4 new from $39.99
1 used from $28.69
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Full-grain leather material.
  • Palm liner.
  • Breathability and flexibility.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Stylish gloves.


  • It gets dirty quickly.

Bottom line

Along with trendy white and black colors, this will be the most trendy glove on the list. This Mizuno Prospect Finch is perfect for youth players, especially with its easy-to-use velcro wrist strap. The white color may scare some people because it gets dirty very quickly. But if you store it properly, this won’t be a big deal.

6. FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids Youth Adult

Product highlights

Are you here to find the best budget softball gloves? Being suitable for all ages, even for your little ones, it is for beginners or competitions in general.

FerDIM manufactured this glove with high-quality webbing and thick cowhide, making it soft and supple. In addition to making it smooth, this also makes this glove more durable and more abrasion resistant than other gloves with smooth surfaces. 

Double reinforcement makes baseball gloves elegant and beautiful. But not only that, it makes it very durable as well, with stitching made for the gloves and leather straps enhancing its durability. It certainly won’t fall out of shape and can withstand heavy tearing and impact.

FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids Youth Adult, Softball Mitt Left Hand Glove 9.5''-12.5'', Right Hand Throw
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Compact design.
  • Durable and wear-resistant.
  • Soft safety ball.
  • Double reinforcement.
  • Lightweight with soft cowhide construction.


  • Some models may be too big for small children.

Bottom line

A soft safety baseball also comes with a standard circumference of 7.8 inches and a weight of 0.71 ounces for a 9.5-inch baseball glove. 

As for the 10.5-inch glove, it comes with a 9-inch with a 1.06-ounce weight safety ball. The FerDIM is the best youth first base glove with all its outstanding features.

7. Franklin Sports MLB Teeball Flex 

Product highlights

If you are searching for a glove suitable for a tee-ball, this is the right choice for you. Franklin Sports MLB is ideal for players who are just starting to learn the basics of softball. The hand back part with an excellent mesh design will keep the hand cool even when worn for a long time.

The synthetic leather is very soft and requires no break-in time. In addition, the plus point of this material is its sturdiness and durability. 

You can use it for several seasons without fear of fraying or tearing. The material also gives your child a tighter grip on the softball bat and ensures it doesn’t slip out of their hands. From there, they will have better quality spins.

Franklin Sports Youth Teeball Batting Gloves - Youth Flex - Kids Batting Gloves for Teeball, Baseball, Softball - Pink/White - Extra Small
4 new from $9.99
1 used from $7.44
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Suitable for basic tee ball, softball and baseball.
  • Well ventilation.
  • Long-lasting material.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Reasonable price.


  • You should choose the size carefully for a snug fit.

Bottom line

For all softball players in any position, whether infield or outfield, it’s crucial to have the basics. You should equip this glove to ensure your child’s safety during practice. With Franklin Sports MLB, your girls will have the safest and most comfortable batting experience possible.

8. Easton Ghost Flex Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Product highlights

Easton is also not out of the game in this sport. This Easton Ghost Flex fastpitch softball glove will be the perfect addition for your daughter. The material combines pigskin leather and Hyperlite synthetic leather to both create durability but still be very light.

The Flex Notch System makes closing the pocket even easier. So your child’s hand will fit when wearing this glove. In addition, Extended Finger Gussets technology ensures better leverage for the user.

EASTON GHOST FLEX YOUTH Fastpitch Softball Glove | 2020 | Right-Hand Throw | Female Athlete Design | 10.5" | All Position Glove | H Web | Ultra Soft Leather | Super Soft Palm For Comfort | GF1050Y
2 new from $36.70
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Perfect fit for the hand.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Flexible.
  • Good grip and control.
  • Easy adjustability.


  • It has a color option only.

Bottom line

The Easton Ghost Flex is one of the safest choices of the fastpitch softball gloves on this list.  It has a design to suit all hand shapes, however, pitchers will be the most suitable position. This glove also adds leather lacing to ensure a secure fit.

9. Under Armour Girls’ Radar Softball Gloves

Product highlights

Batters also need a quality glove because their hands are subject to quite a bit of friction when handling softball bats. For a reliable glove for batters, you should consider the Under Armor Radar.

The manufacturer has used 4-way stretch HeatGear fabric as the main material for this glove. It is very soft as well as breathable so your little girl can wear it for a long time. Perforated synthetic overlays for added durability and support.

Leather palm pad offers outstanding durability. In addition, it offers soft touches and excellent grip. Elastic wrist cuff for proper size alignment.

Under Armour Girls' Radar Softball Batting Gloves Purple/White, Purple /Purple, Youth Large
3 new from $35.99
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • High quality material.
  • Breathable and cool.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Added support.


  • It can be fairly narrow.

Bottom line

Equip your daughter with the Under Armor Radar for good hand protection. Plus, it will increase the grip and contact for the softball bat for better performance. With an acceptable price, this will be a reasonable choice for your little batter.

10. Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth Utility Mitt

Product highlights

Mizuno Prospect Finch is the last candidate in this list of best youth gloves 2021. It’s a glove that Jennie Finch loves and she commented on the design. We can already rate this as one of the best fastpitch softball gloves on the market with that alone.

With a lightweight and durable design, your lovely child will have full comfort while using these gloves. The outside of the glove has a strap to adjust the appropriate size. Its colors are also extremely interesting. The combination of pink and black will attract the eyes of every child from the first time.

Mizuno Prospect Finch - Youth Utility Mitt, Black/Pink, 11.5"
5 new from $29.99
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 2:26 am


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bring comfort when catching.
  • Good and attractive color.
  • Good price.


  • Not for children under 4.

Bottom line

This Mizuno Prospect Finch glove will add soccer skills to the players. It can increase flexibility for wrist and finger movements. Although the break in process will take some time, the results you get are unmatched.

Buying Guides

1. Anatomy of Softball Gloves

best youth softball gloves scottfujita 1

Different parts of a softball glove

Understanding each part of softball gloves is the first step in choosing the right glove. Glove is quite modest in size, but it is extremely troublesome with many separate parts. Here are the names and features of each part:

  • Webbing: It is the most important part of ball control. There are two types of web design: open or closed. Depending on your location and preferences, you can make a suitable choice. For example, pitchers will love the closed web design to hide their pitches. Meanwhile, fielders often tend to choose a more open webbing design.
  • Pocket: It is a finger and thumb connection, it will support the webbing part when controlling the ball. Usually outfielders opt for deeper pockets while infielders do the opposite.
  • Back: The back will make space for your index finger. As well as the webbings section, it has both open and closed design types. If you need increased hand flexibility, choose the back with an open design. Closed back designs are stable with smaller holes.
  • Finger stalls: This section will help you put your fingers in to put on the softball glove.
  • Palm: The manufacturer will put a mattress or thick foam to reduce pressure when the ball hits the gloves.
  • Heel: This is the underside of a softball glove. Its purpose is to protect your hands.
  • Wrist adjustment: If you want to adjust the width of the glove, this section will help you. It has many different designs. You can choose between lanyards, locking systems, D-ring pins, and hook-and-loop fasteners.

2. Material

Material is the most important factor that you must consider when choosing the best softball gloves. Because when you put on a glove, the material will be in contact with your entire hand. In case you feel uncomfortable after putting it on, try a different material.

The best way to find out if the material is right for you is to try it out in person. However, if you do not have the conditions for that, please refer to our guide below.

Leather is the most durable and premium material for softball gloves. There are many different types of leather, each with different characteristics. A high quality leather glove will last a long time. Even every generation in your family can use them:

  • Pigskin and cowhide: These are the standard leathers that make up the highest quality softball glove. It is very soft and you can break in faster than other materials. Its weight is average. In short, this is the ideal material for the best softball glove.
  • Kip leather: It is also cowhide but is thinner and lighter. Youth players can use them to increase mobility and range.
  • Full-grain leather: Pro Series gloves often use this material. It is very durable and extremely pressure resistant. However, its weakness is that it takes a long time to break in.
  • Steerhide leather: This leather is the heaviest of the options listed above. However, its strong point is its premium durability.

The higher the quality of the material, the higher the corresponding value will be. However, we all know it’s a worthy investment. 

But in case you are on a tight budget, we still have another option, synthetic leather. This material is very light and easy to break in. 

However, it is only suitable for beginners. In case your child is joining more serious tournaments, consider wearing leather gloves.

3. Types of Webbing

best youth softball gloves scottfujita 2

Some different types of webbing

Webbing and pocket are the parts responsible for catching and holding baseball. For that reason, you need to handle it with care. 

You certainly don’t want the ball to fall or, worse, the webbing to sag over time. You can choose the appropriate webbing type depending on your position on the field.

Web design for Fielders

  • Basket: The basket is the type of webbing that pitchers love. Its shape is like a closed network. This design also allows the player to have more flexibility.
  • H-Web: Two leather bands restructure to form an H. Many outfielders and infielders love this design for its openness and flexibility.
  • I-Web: Its structure is also somewhat similar to H-Web, but is the letter I. Its poker part is quite shallow, so infielders love it.
  • Trapeze: The pocket of this webbing is one of the deepest pockets. Outfielders love this type of design.
  • Modified Trapeze: This type of design is suitable for many different positions. The top adds a leather band for better support.
  • Two-Piece: Two-piece form is simply two pieces of leather joined together. It sounds simple but pitchers love it because of its ability to hide the ball well.
  • Cross: Cross style is an open form to optimize visibility.

Web design for First Basemen

  • Single Post: First base mitts love this type of design because it allows for high visibility and flexibility. Atop a vertical pole, it has two attached leather bands.
  • Modified H-Web: It has the same design as the classic H-Web but adds a pad on top. Its effect is to create a larger catch radius.
  • Dual Bar: Dual mesh with two horizontal bars sewn together to form a pocket. It makes it easier to trap the ball.

Web design for Catchers

  • Half Moon: With a small amount of visibility, a semicircular lattice forms a tight pocket. They are more flexible than fully closed models.
  • One-Piece: As the name implies, this catcher’s mitt has a large piece of leather tied around the outside of the bag.

4. Sizing

Last but not least, the fit is what you can’t miss when choosing softball gloves. 

The most accurate way to measure is to measure from the tip of your index finger to the tip of your wrist. Units are in inches. Gloves need to fit your hand snugly. So your current measurements are the most important.

The largest softball glove is the catcher’s mitt. First baseman’s mitt is the longest glove. To easily transfer the ball from glove to hand, infielders tend to choose shorter gloves.

It’s also important to consider what type of softball player you are. Fastpitch and slowpitch softball will have different glove specification requirements.

Fastpitch softball glove size chart

best youth softball gloves scottfujita 3

The best fastpitch softball gloves need to be very durable and not easy to wear out. With the game’s high intensity, they need to use good leather material to stay in shape over time.

Slowpitch softball glove size chart

best youth softball gloves scottfujita 4

Meanwhile, slowpitch gloves are usually much larger and wider. The reason is also because the size of the shadow here is much larger.

Frequently Asked Questions

best youth softball gloves scottfujita 5

Softball gloves for youth players 2021

1. How long do softball gloves last?

These gloves move away from faux leather and into a softer leather material. Again, you’re looking for a glove that’s the right size and will break easily.

2. At what age should you start playing softball?

The Minor League Softball League (sometimes called the Major) is for players ages 9-12. Local Leagues can choose to limit their Main Team to ages 10, 11 and 12 years old. The field uses a 60-foot diamond and a 40-foot pitch.

3. When should you need a new softball glove?

Whatever your perfect break when your glove no longer looks like a pancake, form will be the first sign that the glove is on its last leg. Tear or crack: Whether it’s on the palm of the back of the glove, lacerations and cracks are signs of severely degraded leather.

4. Should you steam girls youth softball gloves?

Steaming your gloves will soften the gloves but also make them less durable. The technician will apply a glove conditioner. It will allow the skin pores to open and soften during the steaming process. The technician will put the glove in the glove steamer. It will soften the leather to make it more malleable.

5. How often should you oil your softball gloves?

Also, don’t forget to oil your gloves periodically, especially in drier parts of the country. Oiling needs can range from once a week to once a month. The frequency will depend on the humidity where you live.

Final Words

We hope that this article has helped you find the right softball glove for your little girl. 

Let these best gloves for youth softball protect your child’s hands and help them shine on the pitch. Have you chosen your favorite softball glove after reading this article or not? Share it with us now!

Thank you for reading!

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