Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you prefer shoes with a low top, mid-top, or high top? If you are a fan of low-cut basketball shoes, then this article is for you. Today, Scott Fujita will update you with the top 6 of the best low top basketball shoes 2021. 

Top Rated 6+ Best Low Top Basketball Shoes Review in 2021

1. Nike Zoom Freak 2 Mens Basketball

Highlight features

The outsole has a concentric circle shape. The thickness and stiffness of the new sole will ensure that basketball players can use it on most courts.

The best basketball shoes are a significant upgrade from Nike. It shows that the company cares and invests in making products with a good level of protection. 

Not to mention, Freak 2 has an “anti-roll edge” on the outer cheek of the sole. It ensures more safety when performing movements that are prone to ankle injuries.

Nike is always trying to create new generations that are better than their predecessors. This belief continues to grow as you get on the Zoom Freak 2.

The body of the shoe consists of many pieces of materials such as fabric, suede put together. These two details make the shoes much more solid.

When combined with a narrower base mold than the 1st generation, the body of the Freak 2 hugs and fits the foot better. It helps us accelerate faster as well as minimize slippage without the need for belts like Freak 1.

It is what every position on the court needs. Because of Freak 2’s almost unconditional support, we encourage everyone to wear the correct size. You can also choose to increase to 0.5 – 1 size to be on the safe side.

Nike Mens Zoom Freak 2 Basketball Shoes
4 new from $193.05
as of September 16, 2021 11:27 pm


  • Cushioning is ready 
  • Full length outsole
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight basketball shoes
  • Durable basketball shoes


  • Anyone with a vulnerable ankle should consider it
  • Very high price

Bottom line

The best basketball shoes are the “national” shoe model. It fits the needs of not one but five positions on the basketball court.

Carrying such versatility, the Nike Zoom Freak 2 deserves to be the all-around shoe of 2020. In 2021, the best low basketball shoes will still be great shoes for everyone to own and experience.

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2. Nike Mens Jordan Air Cadence SNC Shoes

Highlight features

The Nike Mens Jordan Air Cadence SNC features a unique color combination from close and straightforward tones. They are white, black, red, and yellow. 

All create a typical overall of Nike Jordan shoes. Although the design is not too fancy, the quality is still worth considering.

The Nike brand has never disappointed fans with a design specifically for basketball players. Many Nike fans agree that this is a perfectly balanced basketball shoe that does everything well.

When you take these basketball shoes out to play, you’ll immediately see that it’s perfect for an explosive style of play.

Nike Jordan AIR Cadence SNC Low TOP Athletic Basketball Shoes Sneakers - Size 11 White
as of September 16, 2021 11:27 pm

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  • Durable materials
  • Pretty appearance
  • Snug fit
  • It comes with durability
  • Lightweight
  • True to size


  • High price

Bottom line

The Nike Mens Jordan Air Cadence SNC will be a great fit if you’re looking for all-around basketball shoes. It is long-lasting, good material, and stable on all types of courts. These shoes cost over $100. It’s not cheap, but it’s a worthy investment.

3. Mevlzz Men’s Running Air Low Top Shoes

Highlight features

The Mevlzz Men’s Running Shoes is on the list of best low top basketball shoes in 2021. It comes with a stylish, beautiful, and robust design.

The surface of this basketball shoe has ridges that radiate in different directions. It comes with synthetic mesh material on the upper. It helps increase breathability and reduce weight for this shoe.

High-quality materials combined with full length soles help increase grip on the court. Besides, it also helps to raise excellent abrasion and slip resistance.

The sole has high bounce, good elasticity, and is exceptionally smooth. These shoes help support basketball players to jump to launch the most accurate shots.

Mevlzz Men's Running Shoes Air Low Top Shoes for Men Basketball Sneakers Fashion Tennis Sport Fitness Cross Trainers All Black 11
as of September 16, 2021 11:27 pm


  • Nine personality colors
  • Bold and strong design
  • Competitive price
  • Fit true to size
  • Good traction
  • Support your game


  • Not durable

Bottom line

The Mevlzz Men’s Running Shoes is by far the most competitively priced shoe on this list. On Amazon, its price is almost $40. It is very cheap for such a great shoe.

The upper of the shoe is of good synthetic fabric, which is breathable and absorbs sweat well. So when using this shoe, you will feel comfortable even if you wear it for many hours in hot weather.

4. Nike Mens Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoe

Highlight features

In Nike’s basketball shoes, it is impossible not to mention the name Nike Zoom Freak 1.

The Nike Zoom Freak 1 boasts a stacked Zoom Air unit. It provides more responsive cushioning as you run and jump on the court. At the front, an internal containment system keeps your foot completely stable.

These Nike basketball shoes come with omnidirectional support technology. It provides a better grip when starting, stopping, and changing direction quickly for the user.

The Nike Zoom Freak 1 features a resilient foam midsole with stacked Zoom Air components. Under the heel, two Zoom Air bags lie on top of each other to increase cushioning and smoothness when the foot hits the ground.

This cushioning setup also provides explosive resilience as your foot returns to the court.

These Nike basketball shoes feature a combination of solid rubber and clear rubber. It helps increase omnidirectional grip on hardwood floors.

Nike Mens Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoes (Black/Black-White-Lucid Green, Numeric_11)
7 new from $99.00
1 used from $80.08
Free shipping
as of September 16, 2021 11:27 pm


  • Top reputable brand
  • Double Zoom Air units are available
  • The traction pattern is excellent
  • Comfortable foam midsole
  • Good impact protection


  • Very high price

Bottom line

The traction of the best low top basketball shoes works well on clean courts, as reported by most players.

Nearly all testers confirmed that the Nike Zoom Freak 1’s fit and premium lockdown were superb. They said that the forefoot cushioning is very responsive and gives an authentic feel to the ground.

5. Under Armour Men’s Spawn 3 Basketball Shoe

Highlight features

The upper of the Under Armor Men’s Spawn 3 shoe is based on the anatomy of the player’s foot in motion. As you move, the shoe works with you, not against you. That means you have more control, more confidence, and more support when you practice.

Alternating molded layers of TPU film & PU coated mesh for multi-layer support in a distinctive design. The exposed mesh areas for superior breathability and flexibility.

Additional padding around the collar is for complete comfort. Die-cut EVA sock liner construction provides cushioning and support underfoot.

The full-length Micro G cushioned midsole turns cushioned landings into explosive starts. Side TPU plate provides extra support and stability.

Under Armour Men's Spawn 3, Black (001)/White, 9 M US
as of September 16, 2021 11:27 pm


  • Rubber sole
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight shoes 
  • Good stability
  • Medium price


  • The sole seems a bit thick

Bottom line

Owning a pair of Under Armor basketball shoes always gives users a sense of peace of mind. The best basketball shoes have high stability, giving the feeling of running and jumping extremely fast. 

The price of these low top basketball shoes is quite affordable. So it’s not hard to make a decision.

6. Nike Pg 4 Mens Fashion Sneaker Cd5079-004 

Highlight features

The bootie is about 3/4 high and hugs below the ankle for maximum flexibility. The toe-high “shell” also helps make the shoe appear a bit taller than it is.

The bootie material is quite thick and has a lot of padding in the toe and heel.

The midsole cushion is from a very flexible and soft foam on the foot.

The shoe material is quite sturdy. The width of the PG4 is quite ok, but the length is relatively short. In return, the set of 10 straps on both sides of the shoe helps hold the foot firmly. Thanks to that, you do not worry about being wide due to an increase in size.

The circular shape is the main design of this PG 4 model. It shows in the shoe box, midsole, and most of this outsole.

The circles with small dots are like PG 1 (all-tones only) and PG 3 (circles-only). 

The combination provides a highly stable grip on the court surface. Whether you’re playing on a clean wooden, dusty, plastic shell to a lovely outdoor patio, you won’t have any problems with grip.

Nike Kid's (GS) PG 4 Basketball Shoes (Black/University Red-White, Numeric_6_Point_5)
4 new from $58.90
Free shipping
as of September 16, 2021 11:27 pm


  • The strap system is easy to pull, easy to adjust
  • No need to break-in
  • The multi-directional soleplate, good grip
  • Pretty average durability 
  • Smooth on the entire soleplate
  • It fits thanks to bootie and strap design nicely
  • Advanced midsole helps prevent tipping
  • Excellent damping


  • There is a possibility that the foam will “collapse” because it is pretty soft.
  • The sole is still a bit thin for outdoor use.

Bottom line

The Nike PG 4 is one of the best basketball shoes in the line for the outdoors. Besides, it is also the most accessible shoe to stick to the sole once worn. The Nike PG 4 basketball shoes are a big surprise once it’s on the court.

How to Choose the Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

1. C and PF positions

With the characteristics of the C and PF positions, the shoe design is usually a high top to maximize ankle protection. This shoe style has a large, thick, firm sole to ensure the best elasticity after rebounds.

The durable outsole design is equally important. It is to serve the rotation and encroachment inside the forbidden area. 

However, with today’s modern basketball, SPEED is an increasingly important factor. High-top shoes will limit in certain situations. So we have a mid-cut option for this position.

Mid-cut shoe models have been popular with players around the world. 

They may be Jordan Melo, Jordan Super Fly, Ultra Fly, Nike Kevin Durant, Nike Lebron Soldier, Adidas D Rose, etc.

Even most recently, Peak released a low-cut design for Dwight Howard’s “signature” shoe line. The reason is that he requires a pair of basketball shoes to help him faster and less entangled. 

2. SF positions

Speed ​​is the deciding factor of a good SF or not. Shoes suitable for this position will often have a slim design on the body and tongue. It is usually flat and pointed at the nose (aero optimized design).

The collar can be in the form of a low cut or a mid-cut. The higher the speed, the more compulsory protection is. It’s better to sacrifice a bit of flexibility to compensate for the safety of the legs.

best low top basketball shoes scottfujita 3

Puma basketball shoes

3. PG positions

The PG position requires flexibility in crosscuts or unexpected crossovers.

The speed of the player in this position will vary continuously. Therefore, the most necessary is traction and responsiveness.

There is no need to jump too much. Thus, the shoes for this position also do not need to be too soft. It is crucial to be compact, easy to turn, to limit slipping.

4. SG positions

SG’s shoes must take the stability factor first. The next is to be as light as possible.

You can never aim well while wearing a rock at your feet.

On the light side, Under Armour is the top representative name for SGs. They offer UA Curry 2, Curry 3 models. Besides, you can also choose Anta KT2 from a shoe company in China.

best low top basketball shoes scottfujita 2

Nike Cosmic Unity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix wide shoes?

When buying basketball shoes, you should only buy half a size wider for the most comfortable feeling. However, in case you purchase too large a size, you can fix it in some of the following ways:

  • Use shoe insoles.

  • Tighten shoelaces.

  • Use heel pads or toe pads.

The above solutions can improve the situation of too wide shoes and do not hug the foot. But they cannot bring a comfortable feeling when used. 

So to choose the right shoes, you should try them on. You can also measure your feet first and send them to the seller to select the exact and authentic shoe size.

2. Can I choose the other best basketball for low tops?

Of course. Yes!

There are many models of low top basketball shoes for you to choose from on the market. In addition to the above six products, Scott Fujita suggests you the best low top basketball shoes as below:

  • Nike Kobe 5
  • PUMA RS Dreamer
  • Nike Cosmic Unity
  • adidas Performance Marquee
  • Nike Air Zoom GT Cut

Final Words 

Through the above article, hopefully, you have got your shoe ideas. Most importantly, let’s choose the best low top basketball shoes that make you feel completely comfortable.

Don’t forget to comment on what you think to help this website develop more and more. Thank you for reading!

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