Top Rated 10 Best Baseball Bags 2021: Reviewed & Ranked by Experts

If you are planning to go to baseball practice, do not hesitate to buy yourself the best baseball bags. These bags are extremely convenient products. They often have a simple design but the storage capacity will surprise you. In this article, Scott Fujita will give you the most objective view of the top 10 best baseball bags in 2021.

The Best Baseball Bags 2021 [best sellers on Amazon]

1. Himal Outdoors Baseball Bag

Highlight features

The Himal Outdoors bag is designed with extremely spacious space. Its compartments have enough space to hold your baseball essentials. You can put gloves, helmets, cleats, or other accessories into this main area.

In terms of material, people love it because it’s a durable baseball bat bag. It has 600D Polyester or Oxford materials. Therefore, it is resistant to tearing or scratching.

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The premium material of the Himal Outdoors bag is extremely durable 600D Nylon fabric. It prevents the ingress of rainwater.

Lockable compartments with convenient dividers help you to store a variety of accessories. Support part with thick padding, smooth against shoulder fatigue. Reinforced breathable mesh fabric system to create comfort, not suffocating, sticky when used for a long time.

Adjustable straps help Himal Outdoors bag fit each person’s body. Therefore, even if you have to wear a lot of heavy things, the pads will help you avoid back pain.

Himal Outdoors Baseball Bag - Baseball Backpack for Youth and Adults, Softball Equipment Bags with Shoe Compartment and Fence Hook Hold Bat,Helmet,Glove and Shoes.(Black)
2 new from $23.99
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Breathable and durable fabric
  • High quality 600D Polyester/Oxford fabric construction
  • Built-in many convenient compartments
  • Secure zipper
  • Easy to carry


  • Bat pockets don’t seem very big

Bottom line

The best youth baseball bags can be suitable for both men and women. The large capacity is what this bag can use for days. The premium Himal Outdoors brand in sports products is always a great preparation in every match.

2. PowerNet All Gear Transporter

Highlight features

The PowerNet Baseball Bag is a great baseball bag for outdoor activities. It is the indispensable object of athletes before every match. You can even use it while traveling. The PowerNet offers a large, stylish, and bold design.

These big baseball bags have a large main compartment. It keeps your personal belongings contained and used for 3-4 days.

The design on both sides has a convenient mesh compartment, holding water and some of your outside items. The front part of the backpack has elastic adjustable straps. The effect of this belt is very good in tightening your belongings and luggage inside the bag.

PowerNet All Gear Transporter | Rolling Baseball Equipment Bag for Coaches All w/Terrain Wheels | Large Main Compartment Fits Four 7x7 Net or Training Equipment Bags | Side Bat Sleeve and 20+Pockets
2 new from $249.99
3 used from $189.99
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Super large storage space
  • Detachable divider to increase the area
  • Dozens of large and small storage compartments
  • J hooks are ready
  • Handles and wheels ready
  • High-quality building materials.


  • No negative reviews for these best bat bags yet

Bottom line

The PowerNet wheeled baseball bag helps keep all your stuff in one bag. The manufacturer has provided you with more than 20 pockets for you to store your accessories.

In addition, the hooks keep the bag open for easy access during the match. The sturdy pull handle and wheels always give you maximum support when moving this bag on the road.

3. EASTON TRAVELER Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

Highlight features

The EASTON TRAVELER Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag is a baseball bag with style and sturdy build. Smooth zip lock and smartly divided compartments.

The built-in support frame system keeps the best bag in perfect shape. When you use it for a long time, this bag does not deform.

The storage compartment of the bag is large. Wheels and handles make you not feel tired when going on long journeys or carrying heavy loads.

The fabric of this baseball bag is strong, wear-resistant, and tear-resistant. This makes the use of the baseball bag longer.

The tote bag has a system of air holes to avoid odor, prevent bacteria and fungi from arising. It keeps your stuff inside always clean.

EASTON TRAVELER Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag, Black
4 new from $69.95
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Suitable for both baseball and softball
  • Fence hook is available
  • The bat compartment is large
  • Many pockets
  • Can store helmet


  • No straps to use as a backpack

Bottom line

The EASTON TRAVELER Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag is the perfect combination of a bag with a tow bag with wheels. It also comes with a convenient fence hook for easy access in a field situation. 

If you are anxious that the weight is heavy, there is already a power steering wheel system. At a little over $50, it’s a real bargain.

4. Athletico Advantage Baseball Bag

Highlight features

The Athletico baseball bag is an innovative pack in both style and quality.

You can use it with a capacity of up to 45 liters. The design comes with many extra compartments. It makes it easy for you to organize and transport items to suit each need.

The fabric of the Athletico baseball backpack has a unique and fashionable design. However, it still has the style of a traditional backpack.

Athletico Advantage Baseball Bag - Baseball Backpack with External Helmet Holder for Baseball, T-Ball & Softball Equipment & Gear for Youth and Adults | Holds Bat, Helmet, Glove, Shoes (Black)
2 new from $39.99
4 used from $32.99
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Breathable design
  • Many compartments
  • It comes with fence hooks
  • Can hold four bats
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • The vented shoe compartment is ready


  • The fabric is thin and doesn’t keep the shape

Bottom line

The best youth baseball bags are waterproof thanks to Polyester Oxford material. It provides space for all your devices. In general, each of these bags holds about four bats, helmets, gloves, and baseball uniforms.

Adjustable straps have a smart design to fit the body. It is a baseball or softball bag worth buying.

5. DOVODA Baseball Backpack

Highlight features

The DOVODA brand is the leading product line of baseball backpacks. The high-quality fabric keeps the best baseball bags dust-free.

The best baseball bags are suitable for pre-match athletes. You can also use it while working or going out. Stylish fashion design makes it easier for you to coordinate.

The weight that the Volunteer bag can withstand is up to 30 kgs. It comes with power straps to reduce pressure on your shoulder, prevent fatigue and hunchback when wearing.

The smart storage compartments come with different zippers. In particular, the DOVODA baseball bag has a convenient compartment for bats, batting helmets, and shoes. Small compartments and compartments for your clothes, batting gloves, and personal luggage.

DOVODA Baseball Backpack, Softball Bat Bag with Shoe Compartment, T Ball Equipment Gear for Youth and Adults, Lightweight Baseball Bag Hold 4 Bats, Helmet, Glove, Caps, Valuables Pocket, Fence Hook
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Have space for a batting helmet
  • Ventilated cleat is available 
  • Bat storage is enough
  • Can store 4 bats
  • Affordable price


  • Only for a kid baseball bag

Bottom line

The DOVODA baseball bag with dimensions of 19.5 x 14 x 8 inches is ready to hold your entire baseball kit. It has separated compartments to make storage more scientific. Durable and breathable 600-denier fabric

6. MATEIN Baseball Backpack

Highlight features

The MATEIN baseball bag comes with an extra-wide storage compartment. Its maximum capacity is 29 liters. It has 2 side compartments for two bats and 2 mesh compartments for water bottles. 

The spacious main compartment helps you to avoid the worry of having to carry personal items or even forget things.

The youth baseball bags are great for storing things thanks to their waterproof ability.

The cool waterproof baseball bags come with well-protected zippered compartments. Strong zip lock, extremely durable for quick use. 

The separate shoe compartment helps you keep your shoes separate from other gear. Therefore, there will be no dust or dirt sticking to other items in your bag.

Despite the rich design, this best baseball bat bag is quite light at only 1.2 LB. Air cushions under the back and shoulder straps reduce pressure when worn. 

The Blister 600D oxford fabric & polyester gives MATEIN’s design a certain amount of durability. It will be difficult to tear or scratch it when using.

MATEIN Baseball Bag, Large Softball Bag with Shoe Compartment, Bat Bags for Men Youth Boys and Adult, Baseball Backpack with Fence Hook Hold TBall Bat, Batting Glove, Helmet, Teeball Gear, Black
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Many side pockets
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Can do heavy duty task
  • 1 fence hook is ready
  • The main compartment is large enough for little league


  • Not suitable for adults with many personal items

Bottom line

The MATEIN’s baseball bag can hold countless items for your match. It is the best baseball for boys and the best softball for girls. It is true to say that it is a companion to every victory.

7. Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat Bag

Highlight features

The Franklin Sports bat bag has a navy blue design and neat details. Concise external appearance, giving users a feeling of lightness and comfort.

In particular, this backpack has many convenient compartments and a smooth belt system. Franklin Sports’ design offers 5 colors for you to choose from. It’s black, navy, red, pink and grey.

This product can hold three bats. The compartment is rather spacious as well as can hold clothes or important items.

This product has strong, durable stitching with secure fixation straps. Large shoulder strap with soft padding for comfortable carrying.

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball + Softball Bat Bag - Boys + Girls Tee Ball, Softball + Baseball Bag for Kids - Junior Bat + Equipment Bag - Navy Blue
3 used from $10.47
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • A strong unisex design is suitable for athletes.
  • High-quality, durable fabric.
  • Many convenient multi-function storage compartments.
  • Large storage capacity, many pockets.
  • Durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant fabric.


  • It is suitable for heavy duty tasks.

Bottom line

The Franklin Sports bat bags have a nice design for children. Whether your kids play baseball and softball, even Tee Ball.

In particular, the vented shoe compartment helps the furniture not to smell or cause unpleasant odors. The product is very cheap for less than 20 dollars. It is perfect for small training sessions.

8. Franklin Sports MLB Bat Pack Bag

Highlight features

Franklin Sports equipment bags is an indispensable name in this list. Owning a backpack-like design, it is convenient to carry when going out.

The design of baseball bats bags comes with multiple storage compartments of different sizes. The compartments with symmetrical designs help the whole bag keep balance.

Compared to conventional tool bags, the main compartment of Franklin Sports is very spacious. Separate small compartments help users to store a cell phone or other necessary items.

When carrying the backpack on your back, you can easily get things on your back quickly and easily.

Franklin Sports MLB Youth Baseball Bag - Kids Baseball Backpack for Baseball, T Ball, Softball - Youth Baseball Bat Bag - Boys + Girls Equipment Bag
4 new from $13.94
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Simple but elegant design, convenient.
  • Easy to carry 
  • Can store a helmet glove, bat sleeves, cell phones, and other equipment.
  • Large storage compartment, many compartments can hold many items.
  • Durable, water-resistant fabric, equipped with a safety belt.
  • Soft price


  • No separate footwear compartment

Bottom line

In particular, the product comes with an additional MLB logo. It will make your child feel like entering a real match. With this tool bag, it won’t take long to access. A fence hook is also available for you to easily hang it up.

Similar to the Franklin Sports Youth Bag version, it is also very cheap. What are you waiting for without buying a bag for your child today?

9. OLIVIA & AIDEN Youth Baseball Bag Backpack

Highlight features

The OLIVIA & AIDEN Youth is an extremely practical baseball backpack. It brings improvement in trips.

The design distributes the force around the back evenly with a strong and durable strap system. The heavily reinforced padding does not cause accumulation and friction with the shoulder.

You can adjust the strap of the OLIVIA & AIDEN Youth bag to fit your body. The material of the waterproof backpack is great to use when going in drizzly, humid conditions. Your belongings are always dry and clean.

With not too large storage space, it is still comfortable for small fights. You can comfortably organize your belongings without worrying about being “overloaded”.

The best baseball bag comes with 2 bat pockets. Besides, it has small compartments outside and fronts. So you can organize smart compartments to keep things safe.

The product comes with a large shoulder strap, with foam padding to reduce the weight impact on the shoulder.

OLIVIA & AIDEN Youth Baseball Bag Backpack | 2 Bat Pockets | Sports and Athletic Bag Storage for Softballs, Mitts, Helmets, Gloves, Cleats, Hats | Bat Bag Sports Equipment Travel Bag
3 used from $13.40
Free shipping
as of October 25, 2021 3:27 am


  • Durable, anti-corrosion, multi-layer fabric.
  • Large storage compartment and many cleverly arranged sub-compartments.
  • Waterproof, anti-theft with a safety zipper.
  • Simple, sporty design.
  • Durable 600D polyester and oxford fabric


  • Storage space is not large compared to others in the same segment. 

Bottom line

The OLIVIA & AIDEN Youth offers a practical sporty design and light. It is very popular among baseball or softball players. 600D polyester and oxford fabric with high thickness and durability.

Besides, it is also water-resistant. Machined sewing zippers and safety belts help users fix things firmly for trips.

Buying Guide

best baseball bags scottfujita 1

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

How to Choose the Best Baseball Bags?

In every match, choosing a suitable bag is very important. It plays a role in showing your personality and style.

There are many models of baseball bags, you can buy them anywhere. You need to choose a backpack that is sturdy, comfortable, and has enough storage space for you!

Scott Fujita will reveal tips to help you find the best baseball bags right here! So what does a good equipment bag need?

1. Size

First is the issue of Size. Choosing a compact equipment bag will help you pack less. That means less weight on your back. It provides convenience during travel. Surely you would not want to carry a large backpack with too many small items, right?

Depending on the volume of equipment you prepare for the match, you should choose the same size. Do not choose an equipment bag that is too big or too small for your needs because it causes inconvenience.

2. Volume

25 – 50 liters is a common volume of baseball bags. If you only have a few things to prepare for the match, you can use a backpack with a volume of 15 – 25 liters. 

If you have to carry more things including shoes, helmets, or bats, you need to buy one with a larger capacity.

Using bags with a large volume will make your luggage bulkier. It will greatly affect your game.

3. Designs

Not only have many different sizes, but equipment bags are also very diverse in design. There are equipment bags that come in minimalist designs for men or neutrals for everyone. Some bags designed specifically for women are more expensive.

In addition, you should also try on the baseball bag directly on your back to see if your body size is suitable or not. Therefore, you will avoid the case of wearing a bag that does not fit you because it is too bulky.

4. Fabric material

The fabric in the equipment bag is an important factor to consider. If you’re going to take this bag for a long time and use it often, then you’ll want to look for durable fabric. 

It can suffer from the rigors of the environment. Nylon, polyester, and cotton fabrics are popular materials for equipment bags.

Also, consider buying equipment bags with water-resistant materials. Thanks to that, you will well protect the items inside your bag in case of rain or force majeure contact with water.

5. Comfortable strap

If you are using a wheeled bag, you can ignore this problem. Conversely, if you use a backpack baseball bag, then you need to pay attention to the strap.

Comfort is paramount in this case. Look for backpacks with sturdy yet comfortable straps for the lightest feel.

Another thing that can affect your comfort is whether the bag has a back or not. You should choose a bag with a mesh layer that allows air to circulate behind the bag. It will keep you cool in hot weather or on long rides.

6. Brand 

Like other products, the brand is a factor that users need to consider when buying baseball bags. It is no coincidence that so many people place their trust in famous brands. 

They are Himal Outdoors, PowerNet, EASTON, Boombah Superpack, Louisville Slugger, and so on. Choosing products of reputable brands will help you get satisfaction.

Bag Styles

1. Bat Bag

Bat bag is the most basic type. Its design is as traditional as a duffle bag. The handle usually has 2 options long and short. It is long and has enough room for your bats. This type is suitable for guests who love minimalism.

2. Handheld

Handheld ball bags are large. It includes several compartments for easy storage. You can hold it in a classic duffel style. 

On the other hand, you can also carry them with shoulder straps. It’s like the gym bag that people use when they go to the gym.

3. Wheeled baseball bag

If you are a meticulous player, you will like this kind. 

This wheeled baseball bag is very large. Therefore, the ability to store a large volume of personal and game items.

4. Bat Pack or Backpack

This baseball backpack has the same design as a school backpack. It has 2 mesh side pockets for bat storage. If you only need to bring a few items, it will be the best fit.

Final Words 

Choosing the best bags for baseball and softball is not difficult. The article has just provided the 10 best baseball bags on the market. Our sharing is objective, the decision is up to you.

Thank you for reading!

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