Super Bowl XLIV diary (Day 4): Maintaining your focus

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Super Bowl XLIV diary (Day 4): Maintaining your focus

February 2, 2014; by Scott Fujita

 Chris Graythen / Getty Images North America

Chris Graythen / Getty Images North America

Editor’s note: Scott Fujita was a member of the Super Bowl XLIV champion New Orleans Saints. In a series of posts on his personal blog in February 2010, Fujita described the day-by-day experience. We will republish them here throughout the week leading up to the big game.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stand Up and Get Crunk

“When the media’s gone, the band stops playing, and the fans are no longer cheering, the only thing left will be you and your thoughts. You need to be able to answer yourself one question: Did I do everything possible to win this game? If you can’t answer that question the right way, it will haunt you.” – Bill Parcells

Coach Payton relayed Bill’s message to the team the other day. There’s a lot of hoopla the week of the Super Bowl — Bill knows that…he’s been there a few times. As a player, you’ve got to be able to keep your eye on the prize, and especially on what’s required to get you there.

Today was another full day of work, and our last day with any media obligations. So at least that’s behind us.

The rest of my family started arriving in Miami today — my folks, Jaclyn’s dad (Gary), and my brother Jason and his fiancee Stephanie. They all have that Super Bowl glow, which was great to see. Jaclyn and I are so excited to be able to share this experience with them. Seeing the pride in my parents’ eyes really reminds me how big this moment is. They know more than anyone how long I’ve dreamed of something like this. And I think we need to make a t-shirt for Gary that states, simply, “HERE TO PARTY.” This guy is ready to roll. The over/under on high-5′s by Gary this weekend is currently set at 500.

There was a family reception at the team hotel this evening. True to New Orleans, the Saints know how to put on a party — live music, fancy lighting, tropical drinks, Cuban food stations, fresh-rolled Havanas, the works. Jaclyn and I dropped in for a bit with the kids; one of our girls was drawn immediately to the dance floor. She spent the next 30 minutes doing the salsa with the Cuban entertainers, and was visibly unhappy with me when I told her it was bedtime. Our exit wasn’t very smooth.

Highlight of the day: Joe Vitt getting un-Crunk. By now, I’m sure all you readers have heard the Saints’ anthem of 2009 — “Stand Up and Get Crunk.” To say it’s awesome when played in the Superdome would be the understatement of the year. Well Joe, our linebackers coach, usually gives the guys a little pep talk before we start practice everyday. Gregg Williams had one of our strength coaches play the song (at a really high decibel) to get the juices flowing, and to force us to concentrate in loud conditions. Apparently Joe couldn’t hear himself think, and for the coach who regularly preaches “poise” and “composure,” this was not his finest moment. All the LBs wished they had their little handy-cams with them to catch this tirade on film. The language used was definitely too passionate for this column. It was pretty epic, and we all had a good laugh after practice about it.

Low-point of the day: No food waiting for us after practice. Talk about a disgruntled group of players. D-Sharp got on the phone to order a bunch of pizzas…pronto.

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