“No White Flags”: Preview of the 4 Part series


‘No White Flags’: Preview of the 4 Part series

by Brian Belko on 01/27/2013 at 10:53 pm
2011 New Orleans Saints Regular Season

“Throughout his life, Steve Gleason has been known as many things – Special teams stalwart for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, symbol of renewal for a storm-ravaged city, generous philanthropist, and fearless adventurer. He is now taking on his biggest challenge yet; being the beacon of hope and the catalyst of change for anyone who is affected by the neurological disease commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS.”

After being diagnosed with the disease in January of 2011, Gleason started a foundation, known as Team Gleason, with a goal of helping others with ALS lead productive and enriching lives. Together with his family and friends, including past NFL teammate Scott Fujita, Gleason aims to provide life experiences and essential technology to as many people with ALS as possible in order to achieve that goal.

Starting on Tuesday, January 29th, Bonfire Impact will be publishing a four-part series providing a detailed look into the story of Steve Gleason, his foundation, and all the lives he continues to change. Be sure to follow along with this inspirational story as it unfolds leading up to the biggest day in professional football, the Super Bowl.

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Scott Fujita

Scott Fujita was born in Ventura, California on April 28, 1979. He was a three-sport standout at Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard, CA before heading to the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with Honors in Political Science and earned a Masters degree in Education.

Fujita has played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns. Read more